NoMore’s chilling anti-domestic violence Super Bowl ad

This PSA was aired by, the NFL’s anti-domestic violence organization, during the Super Bowl. It was taken nearly word for word from a Reddit threat about a call a 911 operator received. As the commercial begins, watch for the clues that something has gone horribly wrong–the broken and scattered items–and listen to the woman as she calmly conveys that help is desperately needed without ever actually admitting to what is going on. The operator who took the call checked the address and realized that it was one from which several domestic disturbance calls had been placed. When help arrived, the woman was found to have been beaten by her drunken partner who was then was arrested.


4 thoughts on “NoMore’s chilling anti-domestic violence Super Bowl ad

  1. Dear sister, please, please don’t apologize for “unloading”. You are sharing your burden and I’m honored that you’d share it with me. My heart broke as I read this. I can relate to this so much. My abuser has moved us around so much, we’ve been in so many churches, and I’ve reached out a number of times. I’ve also been thrown out of the preacher’s office, ignored, and told “we can do nothing”. One wanted to confront him but that is dangerous. When I wouldn’t allow that, they withdrew from me too. Another wanted to do “couple’s counseling”; also a bad idea. Then, nothing. The church isn’t the church to those hurting in their midst, at least most of the time. If someone is in an accident or has cancer, if there is a community disaster or natural disaster or they can go somewhere to show they care, then they shine. Let someone be poor, oppressed, abused, and so on, and more often than not, you’ll get ignored. Now I’m unloading but that they would treat you, and me, and so many others, that way breaks my heart. I’m praying for you. Really, I promise. I’m here. I’m so so sorry. God be with you. Soli Deo gloria! Anna

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  2. Whether it’s spiritual, emotional, sexual abuse … so many of us just want others to believe and “hear us” … How many times are we ordering pizza (making small talk) in order to cover up reality? I’ve had to do this because others don’t really care. And lately ‘he’ has confirmed, again, that others don’t want to know what goes on in our lives.
    Yes, victims turn to the Lord in prayer but doesn’t God also call us to be “our brother’s keeper?” Where are my local brothers and sisters who claim to be “in Christ”? Their only answer is to come to ‘c’hurch, sing the songs, listen to the sermon and then chat at coffee … and then go back to my house … then what?? Is that the church? Is that Jesus binding and healing wounds?
    I apologize for unloading; the isolation and lack of trust is overwhelming.


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