Rose Tinted Glasses: Should’ve gone to Specsavers?

A reader shared this post with me, and I want to share it with you. It is a stark, tender, and powerful look at domestic abuse from one on the outside looking in. If only everyone had the desire to respond in such a way to one reaching out in hope and fear.


She reeled from the message on the screen. She stared at its few, blunt, heartbroken words and the world swam around her. All her life, she had been bathing in- not quite luxury- but in plenty, and she had been brought up to expect the world to treat her as joyfully as she viewed it. Having grown up clever, fairly pretty (maybe not by society’s standards, but in her own quirky way), and being as liked as she was well disposed towards people, she had never known how to try. She had been taught that the world was her oyster; it was, but through the rose tinted glasses perched firmly upon her nose from a lazy and shallow life she had seen everything she needed to see.

Not anymore. It was as if the rose tinted glasses had been smashed into thousands and thousands of shards by those simple letters…

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