It’s a cry out for help


Isolation takes the victim away from friends, family and those that love them unconditionally.  Domestic abuse destroys lives with perpetrators always in control and always blaming.

For those looking at this complex cycle, won’t understand the in-depth impact it has on the victim, with many being blinded by the charisma oozing from the charming partner and not seeing them for the controlling perpetrator.

Friends and family will probably only notice changes in the victim such as being moody, late and different but not really understanding they have changed so much too soon.

Victims will be feeling so lonely and even alone when surrounded by so many with terror ripping through their body and soul, always living in fear of doing, saying or being in the wrong; constantly walking on a tightrope everyday.

The manipulation of the perpetrators verbal death threats making any decision that the victim may have of leaving…

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