31 Flavors (or more)!

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!   

How many kinds of narcissists are there? Someone has said that if you ask eight people for their political opinions, you will get nine opinions. We are individuals, not identical to each other. And, sometimes, the answer is even more complicated.

Not only are there different kinds of narcissists, but different relationships with narcissists. The narcissist might be very different to church people than to his wife, or different to the people in the club than she is to her own children. In fact, narcissistic parents often treat their children differently. For some it may be a “divide and conquer” technique; for others it may stem simply from seeing different children as useful in different ways. The point is that no two people will see the narcissist in exactly the same way.

So we have all kinds of different narcissists in all kinds of different relationships…

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