Who is Safe?

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!     

I recently read “When I Lay My Isaac Down,” by Carol Kent. A compelling story by a mother who went through tragedy. At one point, she relays something another person told her:

“When you’re in a crisis, if you have only one supportive person, you can make it through the journey. We all need at least one person to be there for us in the middle of a tragedy.”

Good words, and I agree, but they leave one begging question: Who? Who can you trust? Who qualifies as supportive? Who is safe?

This blog post won’t give you a personal answer to that question, of course. I wish I could say, “your pastor,” but I know better. I have heard too many stories where the pastor was not the one to trust. Same for counselors and friends and family members. There just isn’t a certain…

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