Information is power

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!     

If information is power, then the narcissist will have it. Ever notice how the narcissist knows things you don’t? Or how the information you want is hard to get? Or how information is bottle-necked at the same place (person) all the time? Yeah, that’s on purpose.

Narcissists love to have information. They gather information about people especially. All the latest gossip and dirt. They make it a point to know the back story on everyone they think they can use. They know who is open to manipulation and compromise.

But there’s more than that. The narcissist knows that information is important to movement in our lives and in our organizations. So he/she will use it as a tool for control. You get only the information the narcissist wants you to have. Many of those who work with narcissists will tell about the bottleneck that is…

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