Christian Domestic Discipline — when life imitates art?

WARNING: Graphic information on the fallacy of “Christian” Domestic Discipline.

Churchmouse Campanologist

This post is for adults only. It’s not meant to be titillating and addresses a serious issue, although casual readers might laugh. For those who are offended, of a sensitive nature or who do not wish to read about Satan’s influence in Christianity, please skip this one.

There is a website by the name Christian Domestic Discipline, which you can search for if interested. Its margins contain New Testament verses from Paul’s epistles.

A close reading will show that the site is most likely a hoax. The syntax and some of the language appear to be British. (Why am I not surprised? In 2010, a spoof blog which carried my site on its blogroll appeared during the Edinburgh Festival. I have no idea if the two were linked as part of a comedy act playing there, but the ‘Baptist pastor’ from a plausibly named but nonexistent town in England…

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4 thoughts on “Christian Domestic Discipline — when life imitates art?

  1. Thank you very much, Anna, for the reblog. I greatly appreciate it.

    It saddened me to see how many people viewed that post when I first published it. I assume they were men, because it was a hot topic back then.

    It is deplorable to see how some men actively turn complementarianism into violent, humiliating power play. They should not be married, because they cannot handle matrimony in a loving, caring manner.

    Any man who advocates this type of treatment towards his wife should ask himself if this is how our Lord Jesus treats His beloved bride, the Church.


      1. Thank you, Anna.

        John MacArthur has a good sermon on marriage, ‘Jesus’ Teaching on Divorce, Part 4′, which discusses Matthew 19:10-12. In it he analyses the various aspects of holy matrimony. The sermon culminates with the ‘picture’ of a godly marriage.

        The sermon link is

        I summarised relevant points here:

        The ‘picture’ bit is as follows (from MacArthur’s sermon):

        ‘… marriage is picture. It’s picture and what is it picture of? It is picture of Christ and his what? Church. Ephesians 5, it is a graphic demonstration in the face of the world that God loves and has an ongoing unending relationship with the bride whom he loves. And for whom he lives and dies and I dare say that the whole metaphor of marriage of a symbol of Christ and his church has lost its punch because the church is so rife with divorce and fouled up marriages.’

        Therefore, marriage has nothing to do with abuse but, rather, everything to do with everlasting love.

        Young people would do well to read and study MacArthur’s impressions of marriage — with godly adult guidance to talk them through it — before tying the knot.

        I am going to start praying that couples make more responsible decisions before entering into this God-given contract. May divine grace and the Holy Spirit intervene when necessary, heartbreaking as it might be at the time.

        Personally, reflections on marriage have become a bit more than a mere passing thought over the past few weeks. My better half and I will be celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary this month. I am grateful to God for His many blessings to us in this regard. I hope and pray that more couples share the happiness we do, regardless of the sudden unpredictability of events we have faced over the years.

        Marital friendship is essential when facing the unexpected — job loss, family illness and so on. Abuse should never, ever enter into the equation.


        1. Beautiful. I’m going to read (or listen to it–found it) the sermon and share it with my children. Thank you for your summery. Excellent. I hope your anniversary was wonderful. God bless you and your better half! Anna 🙂


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