Characteristics of a potential abuser


There is no one personality type that is more or less likely to be abusive. There are, however, characteristics that you can look for that might help you to identify potential abusers. Some of these are:

Pushes potential victim for quick involvement
Rushes the physical aspect of the relationship
Declares love for potential victim within a matter of days or weeks
Displays jealousy
Minimizes his actions or abuse
Might have been abused as a child
May have witnessed abuse as a child
May have had problems with angry or cruelty as a child
Abused or killed animals as a child
Has a persecution complex
Sees himself as smarter, stronger, more successful, more handsome, etc., than he actually is
Blames his problems on others, on stress, or on circumstances
Believes others are jealous of him
Has a Jekyll and Hyde personality
Has unrealistic expectations
Feels out of control in his life
Has an explosive temper
Suffers from low self-esteem
Known to be a charmer
Is cruel to animals or children
Is a narcissist
May have a drug or alcohol problem
Easily insulted or offended
Uses cruel humor
Condemns known abusers


6 thoughts on “Characteristics of a potential abuser

  1. This is an excellent post and it brought back a lot of reminders of what I went through with my horribly abusive first husband.

    However, I want to let you know that I cannot read your posts when I go directly to your blog, I can only read them in the blog reader. Every time I go to your blog, I get a big black header field that drops down almost to the bottom of my laptop’s screen, leaving me a narrow strip at the bottom of the screen through which I can see only one or two sentences of your posts at a time. This makes reading on your blog very uncomfortable and almost impossible.

    I have checked out your blog on two different computers with two different browsers and I had this problem on both. One is my 8″ Kindle Fire tablet, which runs on a silk browser. The other is a 10″ Asus netbook, which I have running on the Firefox browser. Possibly a larger computer or the internet explorer browser does not have this problem?

    Anyway, I like your blog and will continue to read it, even if I have to do so via the plain vanilla WordPress reader. Thank you for being a light in in the darkness and God bless.


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