Questions for the abused woman

Has your husband or boyfriend ever hit you, slapped you, pushed you, or gotten physical in any way with you—even once?

Are you afraid of him?

Has he ever threatened to kill you?

Are your children afraid of him?

Do your children show signs of fear or anxiety when he is around?

Has he hurt your children or threatened to hurt them?

Has he hurt your pets or threatened to hurt them?

Do you feel that you have to make excuses for his behavior?

Are you afraid to let your family or friends know how he treats you?

Can you say “no” to him without fear?

Do you feel as if you can never please him?

Does he control your time, your money, your choices, everything?

Do you feel like you are going crazy?

Do you feel hopeless or helpless?

Are you stressed when you are around him or when you think about him?

Does he make you feel small?

Do you stay with him because you are afraid to leave him?

Do you have any solid reason to believe that things will ever change?

This man is an abuser. Now ask yourself this: What are you going to do?


What are your thoughts?

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